Episode 5: Also Friends (the Movie)

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The video companion piece to Episode 5. Same audio, but with scenery.

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Episode 5: Also Friends

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Okay, let’s finish up the friends topic Greg wussed out on last time. Also: sittin’ in a field! Bein’ scoped out by possibly attack birds! Becoming an unwilling home for who knows what kind of parasites!

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The contra-positive of air guitar

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Decided Guitar Hero “expert” wasn’t good enough, so I moved up to “double expert” — only looking at the screen for parts of it. Maybe later I’ll move up to “triple expert” — playing a real damn guitar instead.

This is what I mean about fighting my perfectionistic nature. After I recorded this, I thought eh, I better not upload it, I kinda messed up a few parts, and I had to look at the screen for a few of the interlude bits. But man! What the hell was I griping about, many people can’t even play the game this well while looking at the screen. This is pretty awesome as it is.

Oh yeah. I did this.


Episode 4: Friends

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Greg risks life and car by talking about friends while driving, then risks sanity and well-being by getting all maudlin about it. Now with 30% more angst!

Links in this podcast:
Mark Rosenfelder: http://zompist.com/
Language Construction Kit: http://zompist.com/lckbook.html

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Episode 3: Boundaries

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Greg talks about breaking down his boundaries, and kicks ’em in the teeth by inviting his grandboss to his house to talk on the podcast.

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Episode 2: Work

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Greg sort of loses it a little in a caffeine-fueled work rant, and reveals his deep-seated anger with easel pads. Not so much awesome as a plea for awesome.

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Ep 2 coming soon

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I have episode 2 done, but due to Reasons, I’m waiting until sometime during the week to release it.

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Episode 1: Origins

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In which Greg explores the origins of the podcast, and the origins of himself by talking to his parents. (Did you know the neighborhood kids paid him a quarter to spell “encyclopedia” when he was two years old? Neither did he!! But it’s true!!!)

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